Schellsea Lately

Session 1

The session began with a brief description of recent local history. The session began with the players gathering in the mess hall of the guildhouse of Torgath’s Chargers, the newest of the mercenary companies of Schellsea. Founded by Torgath, an orcish veteran of the goblinoid incursion about 20 years ago, character introductions were done by way of “interviews.” They were then given an initiation test, tasked with helping the security effort for the pending visit by Prince Chastain and Princess Elzabeth.

They began by checking in with Eighty Nine and Vulture’s criminal contacts and found out that a noble had been seen at the docks the last several evenings. The tracked him down and accosted him. He offered them money to act as bodyguards, lured them to a spot a mile up the coast from the docks, at which point 4 Kuo-Toa appeared from the water. The noble, Lord Nightstone, then commanded the Kuo-Toa to attack.

The session ended on the beach with 4 dead Kuo-Toa and one unconscious Lord Nightstone, buried up to his neck in the beach sand.


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