The thousand years since the ascension of the New New Gods have been relatively peaceful in the frontier. Sure, there have been monster raids, border skirmishes, and a handful of near-apocalypses, but that’s to be expected when you’re plundering the ancient ruins of civilizations long forgotten and poking into magical secrets once lost on the bottom of the ocean. Still, much of the frontier was conquered, growth has been more or less constant, and the Gateway to the Frontier has become the capital of a prosperous kingdom in its own right.

But something is changing. A mysterious illness is affecting the populace, sapping the strength of these hardy people and leaving horrified corpses in their beds come morning. Messengers sent overland across the Ral’Shivi plains to the Old World have not returned, but the dockside taverns are abuzz with rumors brought by the trade ships of rumblings among the dragonkind, the stirring of ancient rivalries threatening to boil over into overt warfare.

Queen Celeste, astonishingly still youthful and bright-eyed even for one with her elven blood, has for one thousand years gently coddled the frontier lords with an iron fist, but she has not been seen publicly for weeks. She can still occasionally be spotted strolling the battlements of Embreth’s citadel, sometimes alone, sometimes with the high priest or some other great mind, but she has not passed through the gates in some time. Daily business of running the kingdom has been left to her twin children, Prince Chastain and Princess Elzabeth. Only time will tell if they will be able to mollify the nobility in the same effortless way as their mother.

Schellsea Lately

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